Established in 1997, FinTrack Systems Corporation is a software solutions provider whose mission is to deliver powerful and intuitive enterprise-wide trading, position and portfolio management platforms, enabling financial institutions to manage the full life-cycle of their trades and to transact business more effectively with their clients.

FinTrack's suite of Internet/Intranet-based trading products are designed specifically to communicate, negotiate, execute and manage trade life-cycles securely in real-time. By creating these solutions with industry-standard technologies, such as Java, J2EE, XML, FIXML, FpML and HTTP/HTTPS, and incorporating a unique "push" technology, FinTrack can ensure an environment that will grow with an institution as the business environment changes.

This approach has afforded tremendous flexibility for our customers, ensuring that solutions can be customized to suit nearly any requirements. Open interfaces and cross-platform capabilities ensure that these solutions easily integrate with existing legacy systems and other third-party offerings.

FinTrack has delivered Order, Execution, Position and Portfolio Management Systems for Equities, Interest Rate Swaps, CFDs and Equity Swaps to global banks and broker dealers.

Our mission is to provide dynamic customized software solutions for a broad range of financial markets, delivering unified order, execution, position and portfolio management platforms that cut across wide range of asset classes and cover the full life cycle of such transactions.

FinTrack has created a state-of-the-art environment, and is able to integrate technology specifically designed for the Internet with exceptional functional support for any organization's market priorities. By focusing on Internet technologies, FinTrack has the ability to:

    *   Deliver customized solutions to the client in a timely manner;
    *   Tap into and deliver real-time data to our clients over the Internet;
    *   Integrate with legacy and other third-party systems.

FinTrack's management team has over 40 man-years of experience within the financial industry. The principals have worked extensively in various market sectors, including interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange, equities and fixed income, for some of the most respected institutions on Wall Street, such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, American Express, Mizuho Bank, Barclays Capital, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

This experience includes the design, creation, deployment and support of complex systems covering the functionality required by these markets, including Trade Order Management System, derivatives pricing, market risk analysis, credit risk analysis, yield curve construction, market data handling, trading, account management and back office support.
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